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How to connect the missing links in your family history

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Researching family history is an increasingly popular hobby. Inspired by television programmes in which celebrities fill in the gaps in their family tree, more and more of us are now trying to piece together our own life story.

This kind of research doesn’t only involve long-distant ancestors. Often family members who are still alive can be the most difficult to trace. Despite our very best intentions to stay in touch, major life changes such as moving house, getting married or switching jobs can all lead to once strong bonds being broken. What’s more, not everyone has a presence on social media to make rediscovering them easier.

People Finder UK was founded to help reunite people who have been apart. Whether it’s a second cousin, the person you sat next to at school or a former classmate you’re looking for, the company’s access to unique resources will provide a link which you can then choose whether to follow up. Reconnecting with people who have been significant in your life can be an emotional matter, so the service provided by People Finder UK is discreet and personal.

People Finder UK charge the same low fixed price with no hidden extras, no matter how complex the task to find someone. There is also a discount if you decide to make further searches in future. In the unlikely event that People Finder UK are unable to trace the person you’ve asked them to locate, you will enjoy the comfort of a full refund.

The stars featured on TV are lucky to have an army of experts to help them with their detailed research. Now you can benefit from the same kind of knowledge to put you back in touch with your own lost relatives, friends and colleagues.

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