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Over 6,000 missing people reported to police every week, according to National Crime Agency

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The National Crime Agency has released the latest figures on missing people in the UK. The Agency’s Missing Persons Bureau carried out research that found over 6,000 missing people are being reported to British police forces every week, across England, Wales and Scotland.

Rising calls

For the year 2014-5, there was also a rise in the volume of calls being made to police in regard to missing persons – a rise from 307,000 the previous year, to 315,000. Before 2013-4, the figures had been steadily falling.

Over half of all missing person incidents relate to young people and children and involve more males than females.

Happily, 75% of calls are solved within the day, and almost 85% are resolved within just 48 hours. Even better, 96% of cases are resolved happily, with the individual returning home without no harm caused.

Gaining data for insight

The Bureau explained that its annual collection of missing persons data was vital to gain valuable insight into the profile of missing persons in the UK and to help to understand why individuals go missing in the first place.

Episodes are often tied in with problems and vulnerabilities, including abuse, exploitation and mental health issues.

The NCA UK Missing Persons Bureau is a UK law enforcement agency which is concerned solely with tracking down missing people, by supporting police forces with the necessary expertise to help resolve missing persons investigations and cases.

When the trail goes cold

Many families dealing with the trauma and distress of a missing loved one also call on private investigators to take on the case when the trail goes cold. These private specialists work with a range of investigation bodies and sources in a bid to find the individual successfully and to ensure that families can experience a conclusion to one of the most stressful situations imaginable.

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