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How to find people who don’t want to be found

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Finding people who really don’t want to be found is a tricky business, often referred to as ‘skip tracing’. If you work for a collections agency, a judgement collectors, a business who is owed money for work and services provided, or you are a bail bondsmen, finding people who don’t want to be found is all part of the job. You may have personal motivations, however, such as tracking down distant or lost relatives. It’s difficult to know how to begin, so here are a few pointers.

Birth records

Birth records are public and can easily be searched online. Simply enter a person’s name and find the record of their birth.

Address search

There are various online sites which will provide you with a person’s address and sometimes their phone number. These sites aren’t always accurate – they can be outdated or simply wrong – but it’s a good starting point.

Social media

People often go to great lengths to ‘disappear’, changing address, phone number, and even getting a P.O. Box… then they log on to Facebook or Twitter and happily tell social media where they live and where they are throughout the day. There are websites that search social media profiles to find people’s locations – you can also look yourself using photographs containing things like street signs that can give it away. Friend lists can include family, and it’s often possible to find family and close friends, who then lead you to the person you’re actually looking for.

Voting register

If you know the person’s full name and date of birth you can check to see if they’re registered to vote. Many people register even if they don’t want to vote, as certain government programmes require it. Once you have an address, call your county voters’ registration clerk to verify it.

The Post Office

If you have had legitimate business dealings with the person you are looking for, or you are in the midst of legal procedures with them, the Post Office will often give you updated information about them if you send a written request on headed paper, with the reason you require the information. As long as it’s a legitimate reason, privacy laws do not apply and they can release the information to you.

Private investigator

If your own efforts fail, or you lack the time or inclination for a long search, hiring a private investigator is the obvious and easiest choice. A professional investigator will be able to find people through means unavailable to you, and they’re often quicker and take the stress and worry out of it. Contact us today.

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