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BGT choir highlights plight of families of missing persons

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In what has been described as one of the most heart-wrenching performances in the history of Britain’s Got Talent, a choir made up of family members of missing persons took to the stage to perform an original composition.

The Missing People Choir took to the stage last Saturday to highlight the plight of those trying to find people in the UK, and their song, ‘I Miss You’, brought judge Simon Cowell to tears.

During the performance, images of missing family members were broadcast on a screen behind the choir, in the hope that the high viewing figures of the show would raise awareness and potentially lead to new information being brought forward by the public.

Reasons for tracing a person

It’s not always the case that a person disappears in suspicious or salubrious circumstances. In fact, there are many reasons why individuals and companies need to trace people. The following examples are just a small number of reasons why the services of People Finder UK are used to locate a person:

  • To contact a distant or estranged family member for a family reunion
  • To contact a biological parent or biological family member
  • To repair a fractured friendship or relationship
  • To notify someone of a moral responsibility (for example, they have fathered a child)
  • To notify someone of a financial windfall (for example, money left in a will)

How to locate a person

The more information you have on a person, the easier it is for a private investigator to track them down. An experienced PI specialising in locating missing people will have an arsenal of technical tools and knowledge at the ready in order to have the best possible chance of tracking down a person of interest.

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