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Why did the McCanns hire a private investigator and can it work for you?

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Madeleine McCann became the most famous little girl in the world when she disappeared without a trace from an apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007. Parents Kate and Gerry initially enlisted the police to help them solve the mystery, before later turning to a private investigator. What was their reason for doing so? Well, the parents believed that this option would provide answers to their questions after losing faith in the authorities. Here’s what the McCanns stood to gain from making this decision – and what you could gain if you went down the same route.


Anyone who’s ever tried to find people in the UK will know that telling others about the separation – whether it is a friend, a relative or police officer – can be painful. In some cases, you might even feel like you are being judged. This was certainly true for the McCanns when they were labelled arguidos (suspects) in their daughter’s disappearance. On the other hand, private investigators offer a judgment-free service that is important to people in times of despair.


Understandably, it was important to Kate and Gerry that they took an active role in looking for their young daughter. Through hiring a private investigator, they were able to take a leading role in the investigation by choosing the individuals who they wanted to trace Maddie. Similarly, you can also find solace in hiring someone who you know will be working around the clock to find a missing person for you.

Point of contact

Anyone who’s ever reported a missing person will know that, since police resources are quite stretched, it can be helpful to have a point of contact that is both reliable and trustworthy. Instead of a liaison officer being assigned to them by the public body, the McCanns chose to go with private investigators that would make them their priority. You can also reap the same rewards by hiring an expert to find a missing person for you.


The McCanns seemingly clocked onto the fact that private investigators could work towards a deadline given by them. Unlike the police – who at times seemed in no rush to solve the case, whereas at other times appeared desperate to rule that it couldn’t be solved – private investigators offered solutions to trace Maddie based on the McCanns’ own timeframe. This could be beneficial in your search, especially if you’re keen to locate someone before an important occasion, like Christmas.


On the night when Maddie disappeared, the authorities originally suspected that the youngster might have just wandered off. Due to this, the area wasn’t immediately treated as a crime scene – a fact that would be detrimental to the investigation moving forward. By hiring a private investigator, Kate and Gerry didn’t just ensure that evidence would be treated in a manner that they thought was suitable, but also that they would be involved in any findings, no matter how big or small. If you follow in their footsteps, you’ll have a whole range of information on your missing person – such as an address, pictures and the name of a partner – that you can decide what to do with.


The private investigators hired by the McCanns had one goal: find evidence that could determine what happened to Maddie. This was important to Kate and Gerry after they became suspicious that the authorities were more interested in blaming them for Maddie’s disappearance. Similarly, you can set a private investigator a clear task. This can be anything from discovering where someone is living to whether they’re single.

Do you need a private investigator?

The search for Maddie received a new lease of life when Kate and Gerry McCann hired a private investigator. Whether you want to track down a friend who disappeared from your life or a family member who went missing, you can also trust that you’ll receive an invaluable service with this option. For more information, contact People Finder UK.

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