About People Finder UK

We are a professional private investigator service with a difference – our passion is people. At Ppl Finder UK we aim to discretely and confidentially reconnect you with lost family or friends and provide you with the ultimate decision of whether to make contact or not. Sometimes just knowing people are safe and well offers enough peace of mind.

Our team of caring professionals are experts in finding people in the UK, we will follow through with all leads and make it our priority to link you up with that missing friend or relative. Along the way we will provide a step by step update on the progress of finding the person you are looking for.

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Our highly recommended services also include an average turnaround of less than five days to search for a person in the UK. Our approach is a soft one, Ppl Finder employ discrete methodologies and techniques to ensure those that you are seeking remain unaware until you are ready to make contact.

Honesty is one of our key qualities, we are fully transparent about costs, will provide a complete breakdown of services, and on the rare occasion that we cannot find the person you are searching for, Ppl Finder will offer a full refund.

Our prices are extremely competitive, searching for people can mount up costs rapidly, however our soft approach guarantees that you remain fully informed about whether a search is worth pursuing or not. Our team will inform you immediately if we discover that finding a person in the UK is not feasible, saving you further time, effort and expense.

We know that finding people in the UK can be an arduous and stressful experience. Ppl Finder are passionate about reuniting people and have plenty of experience, so let us do the work for you. To find out more please contact us and take the first step to getting reunited.