Message from the Director

How it began

My name is Martin Irwin and was born out of my inquisitive mind and the journey that led me here started with a lifelong passion for tracing my family history. The twists and turns and sometimes dead ends, spurred me forwards, determination fuelled the fire and the next piece in the jigsaw put into place was the reward. Everyone likes the satisfying feeling of having put a piece in a jigsaw, especially the hard to find pieces, I and my team are no exception, and will go the extra mile to provide it in your search. I am an approachable, honest, professional and would like to take you on a journey that will complete your jigsaw puzzle, let me help you find the missing pieces and connect them into your life.We reconnect families and friends.

One of the most obvious tools for individuals to use in any search is the internet, however not all the information is readily available unless you have access to confidential, regulated information. Honesty is an integral part of the process, if you are honest with yourself and others it allows you to cut away the negativity of your search, we at pplfinder have an open personable policy, so that all of your questions are answered honestly, thereby giving you confidence in our professional approach and integrity when dealing with your enquiry.

The pplfinder service is very affordable, and for pocket money change you can find out very quickly if the person you are looking for is searchable, by that we mean on the national databases and resident in the UK. We are very upfront about our affordable charges so you know exactly what you are paying.

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