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BGT choir highlights plight of families of missing persons

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In what has been described as one of the most heart-wrenching performances in the history of Britain’s Got Talent, a choir made up of family members of missing persons took to the stage to perform an original composition. The Missing People Choir took to the stage last Saturday to highlight the plight of those trying to find people in the …

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First steps to find a missing person

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Finding out that someone you know has gone missing is a serious matter. Whether it is a friend or family member, it is vital to understand that there are clear actions you can take to help find them again. This guide will help you understand the first steps to locating people in the UK. Alert authorities Whether or not you …

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Should you track down your child before Mother’s Day?

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It’s very easy to become estranged from those who mean the most to you. This can be anyone from a best friend, a long-time colleague or even a family member. Often, the most heartbreaking rifts are the ones that arise between parents and their children. If you’re a mum who hasn’t spoken to her son or daughter in many years …

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Don’t just reunite… mend your relationship!

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If you’re estranged from a loved one – whether they’re a friend or family member – you can trust that a private investigator will be able to track them down. This process is reasonably priced and should cause very little inconvenience for you. Therefore, the best use of your time could be spent on thinking about how you’ll mend the …

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Why do people go missing?

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If you are trying to find a friend or loved one who has gone missing, aside from the pressing question of exactly where they are, the most worrying concern is why. Why did they go missing? What happened? Finding people in the UK is a great deal easier if a reason for their absence can be determined. If, for example, …

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How to find people who don’t want to be found

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Finding people who really don’t want to be found is a tricky business, often referred to as ‘skip tracing’. If you work for a collections agency, a judgement collectors, a business who is owed money for work and services provided, or you are a bail bondsmen, finding people who don’t want to be found is all part of the job. …

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Over 6,000 missing people reported to police every week, according to National Crime Agency

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The National Crime Agency has released the latest figures on missing people in the UK. The Agency’s Missing Persons Bureau carried out research that found over 6,000 missing people are being reported to British police forces every week, across England, Wales and Scotland. Rising calls For the year 2014-5, there was also a rise in the volume of calls being …

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The joy of finding a relative before Christmas

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The Christmas season brings with it an increased longing to be with our friends, relatives and loved ones. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible for some people. The years may have led to rifts or estrangements with those that they care for most dearly. Anybody who has lost touch with a family member and is now unable to find them shouldn’t …