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Can you tell that someone might go missing?

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When a friend or loved one vanishes, those who talk about them afterwards often describe their disappearance as being out of the blue. But is it always? Are there ever indicators or early warnings we can look out for? In some situations, yes. Anyone close to you who has particular stressors in their lives, such as debts, housing issues, caring …

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The ‘drama’ of private investigation

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Recently there has been a spate of TV shows and films created which look at detecting people. Private investigation has always been a staple of the crime genre, from the private detectives that began with Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie’s Poirot or Miss Marple, but these new creations seem to be more based in reality. The real question is, are …

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Healing emotional rifts

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Everyone experiences family fall-outs from time to time, and just because you are related, it does not mean that you will always agree with everything your loved ones say or do. But for some, those fall-outs turn into serious rifts which can, if not careful, lead to lengthy periods of separation with family members moving away and disappearing. These situations …

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Keeping in touch in an ever-expanding world

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As the global population continues to rise, we find more and more people entering and leaving our busy lives. From old school friends to distant relatives and beyond, staying in touch with the people who matter can be a difficult objective, and one which may require assistance. Research suggests we each physically meet on average roughly 500 new people over …

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Not everyone can be found on Facebook

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In the modern world, people can come and go from our lives at any point. Easy and cheap travel, job opportunities around the world or across the country, and family upheavals can take friends, relatives and other significant people in your life to any distant corner. You might not realise you miss them or need them until some point in …

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How to connect the missing links in your family history

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Researching family history is an increasingly popular hobby. Inspired by television programmes in which celebrities fill in the gaps in their family tree, more and more of us are now trying to piece together our own life story. This kind of research doesn’t only involve long-distant ancestors. Often family members who are still alive can be the most difficult to …

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The best methods of finding people

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People go missing through a vast variety of different reasons. Some of them simply drift away from us and slip out of your life unintentionally, whereas others deliberately run away due to deep-seated emotional burdens. Sometimes, a person may even be taken away against their will. Because there’s no universal pattern to how or why people go missing, you may …

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We can let our friends slip through our lives so easily

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There is an extremely interesting article in the Guardian newspaper written by Max Liu, on how he is about to get married, but doesn’t have a best man. The tenet of the article is not his search for a best man, but more a reflection on how so many people lose their friends when in their thirties. The question is …

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Reasons why PPL Finder is such a success

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How many of us think back to people we knew at school, university, at work, or just friends that we had before we relocated? How often do we ask ourselves how they are doing, wondering what they are up to these days? Sometimes it can be a fleeting thought, while other times it is a seed that is sewn and …