Please have a look at this little story which explains far better than I can of one of our clients experiences..

My search, which began in February 2015, took me on an emotional roller coaster, as I soon realised that adopted people are not meant to be found, they are meant to disappear; to become invisible; that was the whole point of adoption.

But by Spring 2016 little pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fit together and the picture was becoming clearer. A picture which showed the same person over and over again. I needed to verify the birth date of this person but that brick wall called Adoption towered before me yet again. Maybe I needed to take a new tack and seek help from a professional.

I searched the internet and came across this statement- “Our success is built upon personal service and a desire to make a little difference to peoples lives.” It was pplfinder.co.uk. They sounded just like what I was looking for. So at 5:22 on Thursday 21st July I sent my first email. I thought the office would probably be closed now, but my email might be first in the queue in the morning. At 18:05, to my surprise, I received a reply from Martin. He was at home now and yes, If I know the current name, which would appear on the UK census, he would be happy to help. Now the doubt begins to set in. What if my brother becomes aware that someone is asking questions about him? It might undo everything I have achieved over the past year. I need to give this more thought.

At 10:00 on Friday 22nd July I received an email from Martin offering to run a “soft” search to see if anything comes up, which would save me having to pay fully. All I need to do is give the name of the person but any other details would be helpful. I want to do this but the doubts are still there. I decide to explain to Martin that the situation I have is somewhat delicate and he needs to be aware of the full picture. I proceed to paint the full picture which is sent at 15:33. Martin replies, assuring me that he fully appreciates the situation and that I have no need to worry, confidentiality is assured. I spend a little while giving it some more thought and I finally agree to go ahead with the search. But its Friday, it’s getting late and the world is going into weekend mode, I guess I will have to wait until Monday now. But no! “Personal service” it says and “Personal service” it is. Martin tells me he will run a search later in the evening and get back to me tomorrow, tomorrow being a Saturday. Now that’s what I call service!

The final chapter was that a few weeks later our client did meet her long lost brother and family, and were welcomed with open arms…

Hi Martin,
Cracking result!! Everything was correct! I called him this afternoon and was welcomed with open arms by he and his wife. We talked for an hour! They have invited us to their home in xxxx in a fortnights time and they are going to get the family together to meet us. They kept saying “We are so glad you phoned”. How lovely is that?
Perhaps I will now be able to understand more about my family. The puzzle is slowly becoming complete.
Once again thank you so much for your help.

When I wanted to trace a long lost friend I looked at the various websites, and the main one which I had intended to use would have cost me around £119.00 in total.

I did not really want to pay so much, so I continued to search and I found the webpage for http://pplfinder.co.uk/, and it appeared that it would only cost me £45.00 in total and possibly less.

So, as you know, I paid you £10.00 to conduct a “soft search”, and then a further £35.00 for a more intensive search.

I am delighted to say that within the short space of 8 days you had discovered the details of how I could contact the person in question, even providing me with a current phone number and a photo.

I was able to speak to them the same day and they were delighted to hear from me.

I am totally satisfied with the high standard of your service, and I advise anyone wishing to trace a missing person to use your splendid service, which is, as far as I am concerned, first class in every way.

Again, many thanks for your efforts on my behalf